Working with the Government offers a huge opportunity but it can be complicated and stressful. That’s where GSE comes in.

The Government acts like every other consumer; they buy from businesses just like yours. With decades of experience in the industry, GSE will get you registered, certified, and connected to billions in spending.


1. Registrations

The first step to selling to Local, State, and Federal Agencies is registering your business. We’ll do the paperwork for you to get set up with SAM, DLA, the DoD, and much more.

certification 1

2. Certifications

Veteran, Women, and Minority-Owned certifications will make you look better in the eyes of the Government. We’ll get you certified the right way. 


3. GSA Schedule

Through purchasing platforms like the GSA/MAS Schedule, you’ll be able to sell your products/services to the government – giving your entity access to trillions in spending.