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GovExpert is GSE’s vast marketing database with every piece of information a company would need to take advantage of open Government Contracts.

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Securing Government Contracts Starts with GovExpert

Bidding on open government contracts can be extremely daunting if you do not have the correct information or knowledge of what to do with that information. The GovExpert database compiles bid opportunities from over 2,000 different bid sites while being customizable to your business by using keywords, industry codes, and class codes. 

When you purchase our GovExpert subscription, GSE’s experts will guide you through the database and show you how to market your business to ensure you receive the most lucrative contracts.

Along with thousands of bid opportunities to pursue, every bit of information needed to market to government agencies, sub-contract, find partners/competitors, and compile market research can be found in GovExpert. 

No matter what size of business you own, knowing who purchases your products or services is the key to building a high-quality government contracting business plan.

All the Features You Need

GovExpert is a one-stop shop for all of your bidding and marketing possibilities. The database gives your business a tool for finding government contract opportunities and so much more.

Some of the most essential. features you’ll find in our GovExpert Database include:

  • Bid Opportunities at the Federal, State, City, and Municipal levels
  • 60,000 Federal Procurement Buyers Contact info
  • Expiring Contracts through 2025
  • Award History dating back to 2001
  • Contact info and award history for every SAM registered business
  • Subcontractor relationship history
  • Top 100 prime contractors by NAICS
  • Further contact information for each government agency
  • Machine-Shop opportunities
  • DLA NSN Opportunities along with drawings, forecasting, and prime contractors

My Government Roadmap Tool

As one of the best tools in the industry to see what is available for you in your NAICS code, the My Government Roadmap shows you the following:

  • Total awards from the year prior.
  • The agencies that awarded those contracts.
  • The contractors that hold those contracts. 
  • The total dollar amount spent in that NAICS code in the year prior. 
  • Contracts expected to expire each year through 2021.

Bid on Open Contracts

GovExpert compiles bid opportunities from over 2,000 different bid sites and is customizable to your business by using keywords, industry codes, and class codes. You will be able to receive bids daily via email or by logging into to search within your own parameters.

Daily Email of Open Bid Opportunities

Find Government Contractors

There are millions of contractors throughout the GovExpert database. You’ll be able to narrow down who the competition is so you can start winning contracts in your space. 

Pricing & Plans

Our GovExpert Database will connect your business with open contracts that are relevant to your business. Based on the plan of your choosing, you’ll receive our expert guidance and daily emails highlighting your opportunities.

$199/mo Basic
$299/mo Premium
$2,999/year Expert

*Please allow 24-48 hours for Login creation. Your credit card will be charged monthly or yearly based on the subscription of your choosing. There are no commitments and no contracts. You can also cancel at any time with a 30-day notice before the next billing cycle by emailing [email protected].*

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