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About Government Services Exchange

Over 35 Years of Experience in Government Contracting

Government Services Exchange Advantage

We at Government Services Exchange have over 35 years collectively of experience in the Government Contracting space. We speak Government. We handle all of the qualification criteria and integration for your company so you can continue to run your business.

Learning how to sell successfully to the U.S. government, the world’s largest purchaser of goods and services, can be very appealing while daunting. However, choosing the proper partner to assist you in taking on the U.S. Government as a client will be the key to your success. At Government Services Exchange we have the tools and know how to help you accomplish your goals of growing your business in the Government direction. Let’s face it Government Contracting is one of the most consistent streams of revenue for most companies. If you are properly guided through the process your business can and will soar. For instance, business owners do not realize that the Government spends approximately 1.4 billion dollars per day on goods and services it needs to run the country and almost all business is done online.

The U.S. Government first and foremost operates as a business, and Government Procurement Officers and Contracting Officers purchase everything from paperclips to aircraft carriers. So they need businesses to do so. Many small businesses do not realize that a minimum of 23% of all money that is spent must go to Small Businesses.

I often am asked how my company can compete for Government Contracts given the fact I am so small. Our company takes you through the nuances and hurdles and we do the heavy lifting to get you up and running. In fact, given the proper guidance your company can be up and running with the Government and enjoying a recession proof division to your current business portfolio in a matter of months. The best part is every business needs sales, so you need salespeople. One of the most lucrative careers is sales, why because salespeople make typically hefty commissions. In most cases properly aligning your company in the Government Sector you will not need salespeople to continually pay.

How do you get started? We at Government Services Exchange take the guess work out of this process in providing your company with our core competency which is a Government Contracting Easy Button . We help you make Government Contracting streamlined. We start by evaluating your company to see where taking on a Government Division would be best for your firm.

Do you know what may make you stand out against the competition? How will you disseminate that message to the Government Buyers that have the need for your products or services? Government Services Exchange will provide a full consultation and can implement an approach for any business of any size. There are many different avenues to tackle Government Contracting – let us pave the way for you!

Government Exchange Services is a diverse, dedicated team passionate about Government Contracting

A Diverse, Dedicated Team

We are passionate about Government Contracting because we know the profitability versus so much misinformation out there. Many of your “would be” competitors are not in the market because of the daunting nature of getting to the truth. For instance, you would be surprised to see how few vendors are on each of the GSA Schedules. Small businesses do not take advantage of these opportunities often because it is so hard to identify a trusted partner that will guide you along the right path in pursuant of doing business with Uncle Sam.

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