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GSA/MAS Schedule Categories

Where Does Your Business Fit?

The GSA/MAS Schedule program expedites the sale of products, services, and facilities to all U.S. Government agencies. Schedules provide an efficient way to connect government buyers to high-quality products. 

With the use of modern technologies, simplifying the acquisition process was the GSA’s primary goal of GSA/MAS Schedules. Like all government activities, though, it can be demanding to understand where your business fits. With the help of an expert at GSE, schedules offer an array of advantages to buyers and sellers, such as:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fair and Reasonable Pricing
  • Fast Order Placement
  • Full Product and Broad Service Offerings
  • Recession-proof Income

To make things simple, the GSA/MAS Schedule is broken down into 12 broad categories that are characterized by the services they offer. You can find everything from state-of-the-art IT help to airplane parts within these categories.

Those large categories are sorted into subcategories, then even further into Special Item Numbers (SINs) that can be found in the GSA eLibrary.

However, traversing the GSA eLibrary, and finding the proper SINs for your products/services is not easy.

GSE is here to walk you through the process and find you a reliable government buyer. We’ll handle the difficulties while your business reaps the benefits that stem from doing business with the Federal Government.

Once a business owner has access to the GSA eLibrary, the categorized industries allow the offered products to be easily found and purchased by consumers. Meaning your products or services will be found within the categories. Making them easy to find and buy. The 12 large categories are as follows:

The GSA/MAS Facilities category entails everything you would need to fully operate complete buildings. From paper goods and toiletries to building materials and chemicals, this category provides access to a vast selection of products/services to save time and money within building operations. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Facilities category. 

  • Facilities Maintenance and Repair 
  • Facilities Services
  • Facilities Solutions
  • Facilities Supplies
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Structures

The GSA/MAS Furniture & Furnishing category breaks down a massive range of furniture related products and services. This category gives offices, healthcare facilities, and universities access to anything they need, from outdoor solutions to flooring and design products. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Furniture & Furnishing category. 

  • Fitness Solutions
  • Flooring
  • Furniture Services
  • Healthcare Furniture
  • Household, Dormitory & Quarters Furniture
  • Miscellaneous Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Packaged Furniture
  • Signs

The GSA/MAS Human Capital category features services such as human resources, talent acquisition, and social services. From administrative support to HR opportunities, this category offers all the complex hiring requirements an entity needs. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Human Capital category. 

  • Background Investigations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Human Resources
  • Social Services

The GSA/MAS Industrial Products & Services category offers goods, including raw materials, instruments, and hardware. Whether you sell fuel management services or packaging materials, this category supplies it. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Industrial Products & Services industry. 

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Fire/Rescue/Safety/Environmental Protection Equipment
  • Fuel Management
  • Hardware and Tools
  • Industrial Products
  • Industrial Products and Services Maintenance and Repair
  • Machinery and Components
  • Packaging
  • Test and Measurement Supplies

The GSA/MAS Information Technology category, formally known as GSA Schedule 70, is the largest of the 12 GSA categories. In addition to an enormous amount of IT solutions, this category provides access to cybersecurity, software, and Satellite Communications. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Information Technology industry. 

  • Electronic Commerce
  • IT Hardware
  • IT Services
  • IT Software
  • IT Solutions
  • IT Training
  • Telecommunications

The GSA/MAS Miscellaneous category is a catch-all for the products and services which are tough to narrow down. Anything from clothes and styling products to protective equipment for healthcare workers can be found in this category. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Miscellaneous industry. 

  • Apparel
  • Awards
  • Complimentary Special Item Numbers (SINs)
  • Flags
  • Musical Instruments
  • Personal Hair Care Items

The GSA/MAS Office Management category is set to provide government agencies with solutions for a fully functional workplace atmosphere. Products and services in the category include mail management systems, office supplies, and much more. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Office Management category. 

  • Audio Visual Products
  • Audio Visual Services
  • Document Services
  • Mail Management
  • Media Products
  • Media Services
  • Office Management Maintenance and Repair
  • Office Services
  • Office Supplies
  • Printing and Photographic Equipment
  • Records Management

The GSA/MAS Professional Services category includes consulting, training, engineering, marketing, and language services. This vast MAS category provides government buyers with anything from training courses to financial planning. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Professional Services category. 

  • Business Administrative Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Financial Services
  • Identity Protection Services
  • Language Services
  • Legal Services
  • Logistical Services
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Technical and Engineering Services (non- IT)
  • Training

The GSA/MAS Scientific Management & Solution category is one of the most critical industries on the schedule. The latest technology and services can be found in this category, leading to medical advancements and lab improvements. Below you’ll find the subcategories within the Scientific Management category. 

  • Laboratory Animals
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Scientific Services
  • Search and Navigation
  • Testing and Analysis

The GSA/MAS Security & Protection category, formally referred to as GSA Schedule 84, gives federal agencies access to all of the services to keep their businesses safe. This category contains all your needs for law enforcement, harbor patrols, and military activities. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Security & Protection category. 

  • Marine and Harbor
  • Protective Equipment
  • Security Animals and Related Services
  • Security Services
  • Security Systems
  • Testing Equipment

The GSA/MAS Transportation & Logistics Services category provides federal buyers access to packaging services, automotive maintenance, and motor vehicles. If your business offers products or services on the transportation front, you can sell in this category. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Security & Protection category. 

  • Automotive Body Maintenance and Repair
  • Motor Vehicles (non-Combat)
  • Package Delivery
  • Packaging Services
  • Transportation of Things

The GSA/MAS Travel category provides services to federal agencies including, consulting, relocating, lodging to assist government employees. Though it is one of the smallest industries, qualified contractors provide an essential government service. Below you’ll find each subcategory within the Travel category. 

  • Employee Relocation
  • Lodging
  • Travel Agent and Misc Services

With the exception of weapons, ammunition, construction, and architecture services, any product or service that the government purchases can be found through the GSA Schedule categories. Additionally, the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) ensures that all GSA Schedule contracts and orders are made only in the United States. 

The process is taxing, and you will need assistance to take advantage of government contracts properly. If you’d like to speak to someone about getting your business on the GSA Schedule, call us now at (866)-315-1492. 

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