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What Is the GSA Schedule?

The GSA Schedule, also known as Multiple Awards Schedule (MAS) and Federal Supply Schedule (FSS), simplifies the sale of products, services, and facilities to all U.S. Government agencies. Schedules provide an efficient way to connect government buyers to any size business which produces high-quality products and state-of-the-art services. 

The GSA plays a crucial role in connecting the business world’s private sector with federal agencies to fulfill their needs.

Using the GSA eLibrary, government buyers can easily find your products or services where they are broken down into large categories.

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The GSA Schedule process allows purchasers a simpler way to buy all in one place. Put simply; the GSA Schedule acts like an Amazon for government consumers. Purchasers will search the GSA eLibrary, find the products/services they need, and look for the best company. 

GSA Schedule contracts span five-years and can be renewed for three separate terms (totaling 20 years) between a government agency and a commercial supplier.

GSA Schedule contracts guarantee your products, services, or facilities will be sold at a fair price to the government, and in turn, bring your company an indefinite quantity of reliable business. 

Additionally, GSA contracts are government-wide, meaning they can be utilized across all government agencies, including the DOD, FEMA, the Department of Energy, and many others. These high-profile agencies can develop your business for the future.

So, Why Doesn’t Everyone Have a GSA Schedule?

Securing a GSA Schedule Contract has quickly become one of the most sought-after distinctions in the United States. Yet, it is one of the most challenging things a business can try. 

Even if everything goes perfectly, The GSA Contracting process will take 7-9 months. Most times, businesses will need a year or more. 

You’ll also be staring 500-700 pages of paperwork in the face, and without a Consultant that is there every step of the way, you’ll likely never complete it correctly.

The truth is, not every business qualifies for a GSA Schedule Contract. The process is complicated for a reason. The U.S Government is searching for the best of the best in every product or service they purchase. 

Find out if you qualify by contacting our GSA Government Contract Consultants to discuss your business’ capabilities.

How the GSA Schedule Will Help Your Business

The reality is that getting on the GSA Schedule is not an easy feat to accomplish. You and your business will be challenged to complete the process. However, there are a number of reasons you should do your best in securing a GSA Contract. 


The GSA Schedule presents a steady stream of incredible income for those who qualify. If your business requires extra revenue during difficult times, a GSA Contract could be the answer.

Company Validation

Not only will your company benefit financially, but you will also have the distinguishing quality of providing goods/services for the U.S. Government. Few businesses can say that.

20 Years of Reliable Business

If you’re often struggling to find reliable consumers, a GSA Contract is the straightest path to 20 long years of consistent business.

Simplified Selling

The GSA/MAS Schedule’s primary purpose is to create a simplified purchasing process for the United States Government. In other words, you are selling your products in the easiest way possible.

Advantages of Securing a GSA Contract

A GSA schedule makes it easy for the Federal Government to buy from you. 

When a business is fully processed, the government can simply go online and purchase your product with a few clicks. This ease of use helps the Government significantly, but it also enables you to plan and prepare for the future.

Here are a few benefits your business will receive by securing a GSA Contract. 

  • Access to trillions of dollars in spending
  • Ability to sell an unlimited number of your Products/Services to all agencies
  • Improved Sales Process that is both shorter and simplified
  • Limited competition
  • No bidding
  • Fair and Reasonable pricing

The GSA/MAS Schedule allows your products or services to be easily found by government buyers spending billions of dollars each year.

Additionally, the intense vetting process to obtain a GSA Contract shows government agency buyers that your company is in good standing and can deliver reliable products or services.

Does Your Company Qualify for GSA Schedule Contracts?

Getting on the GSA Schedule list eLibrary, receiving a GSA number, and securing GSA approval will require a formal proposal process to obtain a GSA Schedule Contract award.

While many qualifications change on a case-to-case basis, most GSA Schedule contracts require a company to be in business for at least two years and show healthy financials. More general qualifications can be found below. 

  • Financial Stability
  • At Least 2 Years in Business
  • Proven past performance
  • Commercially available products/services/facilities

Fill out our form below to get the process started.

What Industries are Found in the GSA Schedule?

The GSA Schedule is broken down into 12 broad categories that are characterized by the services they offer. You can find everything from engaging IT help to parts that make airplanes fly.

Those large categories are sorted into subcategories, then even further into Special Item Numbers (SINs) that can be found in the GSA eLibrary.

Once a business owner has secured a GSA Contract, the categorized industries allow your company’s products or services to be easily found and bought by the Government. The 12 Categories of the GSA are as follows:

Getting on the GSA/MAS Schedule

Whether you’re a well-known company or an up-and-coming small business, securing a GSA Schedule Contract can present numerous challenges. Obtaining the proper paperwork, following the correct process, and submitting a superior proposal is not easy. That’s where we come in.

Our experts at Government Services Exchange are equipped with decades of experience in connecting businesses to the trillions of dollars of government spending through the GSA Schedule. 

Check out the services we provide our GSA customers below, and let us handle the dirty work for your company. 

Give us a call at (866)-850-1710 to get the preliminary process started.

What GSE Will Provide for You

Government Services Exchange can assist you with obtaining a GSA Contract from start to finish. 

From the time you contact us, we will begin our in-depth work to get you on the GSA Schedule. We will ensure your business is qualified, update your SAM Registration, give you a timetable for completion, and always keep in touch. 

Once you have secured a GSA Schedule Contract, the work isn’t done. There is always maintenance to be done. Many businesses neglect to keep up with their contracts, and it results in removal. 

GSE will be with you from beginning to finish to ensure you can obtain a GSA Contract and keep up with the maintenance of it.

Already On the GSA Schedule List?

Our on-hand experts will assist in the upkeep of your GSA Schedule Contract. If you’d like to qualify for set-asides, we also offer other services/solutions to help businesses maintain their role with the GSA Schedule and increase sales through improved marketing tactics. 

Fill out our form below if we can assist you in sustaining your GSA Schedule contract.


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“GSE offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Everyone one on their staff is very professional, knowledgeable and willing to assist right away. We were not only able to update our current GSA contract, but enhance our opportunities through avenues we were not currently registered for.”

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