7 Reasons to Get a GSA Schedule Contract

Everyone knows the GSA Schedule is the biggest and best contracting vehicle in the government marketplace. Yet, only a few thousand businesses boast the distinction of holding a GSA Contract.

It can be extremely challenging to simply qualify for the GSA Schedule. More so, once you do qualify, 500-700 pages of paperwork are in your near future. 

Plain and simple, it is not easy.

But like everything in life, great things are usually not easy. So, what are the reasons to get a GSA Schedule Contract?

Money, Money, Money

As the infamous Abba song suggests, the GSA Schedule is an enormous financial advantage. In the fiscal year 2020, the U.S. Government spend over 6 trillion dollars. More than 4o million of that spending runs directly through the GSA Schedule and its contractors. 

If you know how to navigate the government contracting marketplace correctly, as our experts at GSE do, your business could be taking advantage of guaranteed money from the largest spenders in the world. Millions of dollars are spent within your industry every year; wouldn’t you like to get in on that?

Money money money

Exclusive GSA Marketplaces

For those who do not have a GSA Contract, selling in the government marketplace is demanding. Hundreds of businesses all bid on the same contract and that contract isn’t guaranteed. 

Securing a GSA Schedule Contract gives you access to exclusive marketplaces that the general public cannot see. 

At the top of that list is the GSA eBuy system. This is a powerful acquisition tool that the highest government agencies use to find the market’s best value. That means your business will be seen by powers such as the United States Military.

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Company Validation

Before selling a single product, being associated with the GSA Schedule gives your business unprecedented validation. 

You’ll receive a stamp of approval from the U.S. Government that shows your product or service is quality enough for the most prominent global buyer. That will speak to the general public and bring you business you never thought you could receive.

Simplified Selling Process

The GSA/MAS Schedule’s primary purpose is to create a simplified purchasing process for the United States Government. 

While the goal was to assist the government, that simplified process also makes your life easier. You can sell all of your products and services directly in one place and receive a reliable paycheck for everything you do.

Pre-Approved Pricing

GSA Contracts set pre-negotiated rates for each product and service within the schedule. 

What that means for your business is that, since pricing is already determined fair and reasonable, individuals don’t have to decide if product pricing is competitive.

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A Boost in Marketing

At face value, marketing is everything. It can make or break your business. 

A GSA Contract gives you access to excellent marketing tools for contract holders. For example, GSA Advantage! is an online shopping tool where your product or service is posted and available for agency buyers to access. Think of it as the Amazon for government consumers. 

On top of increased government marketing, advertising that your business is equipped with a GSA Contract gives you an impressive competitive advantage that your competitors may not possess.

20 Years of Reliable Business

When your business is awarded a GSA Schedule contract, you’re receiving 20 years of reliable income and business. A GSA Contract is a five-year agreement that can be renewed three separate times totaling 20 years. 

That income will keep your business moving steadily even in times of economic hardship. 

The reality is that the GSA Schedule is not an easy feat. You and your business will be challenged to complete the process. But once you do, securing a GSA Contract will build your future and give you revenue from the most consistent spender in the world.


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