The GSA Has Announced it Will be Waiving MAS Requirements

In Response to COVID-19, Three MAS Requirements Will No Longer Be Needed for Companies Selling COVID Related Products

CLEARWATER, FL 04/16/2021  – Announced this week, the GSA has waived three eligibility requirements to selling medical products and services to the government. While this only relates to businesses selling medically related supplies, it is an opportunity to take advantage of billions of dollars in Federal Spending. The three requirements being waived are:

  • The requirement to possess two (2) years of Corporate Experience
  • The need to submit a Relevant Project Experience for each SIN proposed
  • The need to submit Annual Financial Statements for the previous two year

COVID-19 has taken its toll on the entire United States. In response, the GSA wants to support those selling gloves, masks, syringes, hand sanitizer, and any other pandemic-related products. The well-known government acquisition arm is looking for innovative businesses selling these supplies. 

Typically, an entity of any kind must be in business for more than two years to get on the GSA/MAS Schedule. To help businesses across the nation who are selling much-needed PPE supplies, the GSA has waived that two-year experience requirement. Two other eligibility requirements have also been waived, including the need to submit Relevant Project Experience and Financial Statements from the previous two years. 

When asked about the news, the GSA said, “We are dedicated to services and solutions necessary to respond to the pandemic and ensure our country is able to reopen as soon and safely as possible.” 

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