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50,000 Federal Jobs to be Added by Next Year

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CLEARWATER, FL 06/09/2021

The current administration’s most recent budget release called for tens of thousands of new federal jobs to be added in Fiscal Year 2022. If your company specializes in Human Resources Consulting, this is your time to start doing business with the government. 

The newest addition to Federal agencies comes in light of the President’s vision for reforming the missions of past agencies and his overall push for an enormous increase in non-defense spending. Companies that are not supplying defense jobs will be needed to provide employees to the Federal Government. 

“With the exception of the Homeland Security and Commerce departments— every agency would see a workforce boost.” said the White House. This news will be a much-needed revenue boost for businesses that can support the cause. If your HR, Staffing, or Executive Services company can supply the Administration with Federal EMployees, the GSA Schedule is your next step

The White House released several statements regarding the budget release. Many included the areas/industries in which these jobs would be needed most. The main source of new Federal jobs will be found in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Public Health
  • Climate Research & Resiliency
  • Commerce
  • Mass Transit
  • Agriculture & Interior

Government Services Exchange is a third-party service provider with decades of experience assisting HR Firms in getting on the GSA Schedule. It can be complicated to complete the paperwork, get the proper registrations, and secure a GSA Contract.


We will help you throughout the process, link you to the 50,000 job opportunities, and you will have constant communication with our GSA experts. To find out what options are available and how GSE can help, call (866) 850-1710 now.