The President’s Budget Calls for the Most Spending since World War II

The newly announced budget will be geared towards infrastructure, healthcare, education & more.

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CLEARWATER, FL 06/02/2021

Announced this week, the President has released his budget plans for the Fiscal year 2022. Within this budget, the main focus is aimed at improving and expanding the infrastructure throughout the country.

The Whitehouse released a statement stating that “Where we choose to invest speaks to what we value as a Nation. This year’s Budget is a statement of values that define our Nation at its best.”

The new budget includes the largest spending since World War II. While its main focus is on infrastructure, budget increases can be found in the following fields:

  • Healthcare/Child Care
  • Education
  • Climate & Health Crisis Plans

The Federal Government is already the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. With this increase in budget, you can expect even more buying power. If your company falls under any of these categories, you could qualify for a GSA Contract.

Government Services Exchange is a third-party service provider with decades of experience assisting people in getting on the GSA Schedule. It can be complicated to complete the paperwork, get the proper registrations, and secure a GSA Contract. Thanks to the increase in budget, the U.S. Government will be looking for construction, building, manufacturing companies, and more. 

We will help you throughout the process, and you will have constant communication with our on-hand experts. To find out what opportunities are available for your business and how GSE can help with processing the new budget, call (866) 850-1710 now.