How Your Small Business Can Expand 

with the Help of Government Contracting

Small businesses are the backbone of America. From the corner deli to the uptown hardware store, these local companies bring high-quality products right into our backyards. 

While they hope to stay afloat, small businesses often struggle in times of hardship. 

If you own a small business scrambling to cover the overhead and find customers, securing a government contract could bring you consistency and a steady income source from the biggest spender in the world. Why would you not want a part of that?

Here’s how your small business can expand with the help of government contracting. 

How Does Contracting Work?

The world’s largest consumer is the U.S Federal Government; they purchase everything from paperclips to airplanes. Getting a hand in all this purchasing is an incredible way to advance your small business. But how does it work?

First, your small business will sell a worthwhile product that is well-built and ready to be distributed to buyers. 

You will then complete a System for Awards Management (SAM) Registration. Once you complete the registration, you will receive a CAGE code, and your small business is ready to sell to the government. 

Of course, it doesn’t come that easily. Government contracts are a source of purchasing that thousands of small businesses compete for. 

To ensure you stand out in the crowd, you should bid for contracts that perfectly fit your company’s core competencies. Additionally, you’ll need to write an outstanding bid proposal that is compliant with government regulations and showcases the incredible products or services your company delivers. 

While it can be a complicated process, there are firms like GSE that can walk you through each step and help you find the contract that best suits your company. 

Obtaining certifications can also level the playing field for your small business and give you a better chance of winning contracts. 

Like all government work, it won’t be simple. Yet, doing business with the Federal Government can expand your small business for the better in many ways. 

Creating Jobs

Small businesses are often run by a limited number of people and can be stretched thin by even the smallest roadblocks. 

By securing a government contract, your small business may expand exponentially and create the necessity for more employees. As your business and revenue grow, you’ll be able to take on more orders and improve delivery times by hiring more workers. 

Not only does this help your company create a consumer-friendly system, but it also creates jobs for Americans in need.

Preparation for the Future

Uncertainty is one of the largest issues of owning a business. As we’ve seen in 2020, nothing can be taken for granted. So, preparing for the future is essential to any successful small business. 

Securing a government contract will give your company certainty for the future and act as a building block for other forms of business. 

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Reliable Income

Government contracting is virtually recession-proof. While everyone this year struggled thanks to a global pandemic, the U.S. Federal Government spent a record 6.6 trillion dollars. 

The Federal Government and its agencies are not going anywhere. If you do win a contract, you’ll be receiving reliable income from the most steady purchaser in the world.

Small businesses open


These days, it’s all about publicity. A small business in farmland Wisconsin could succeed before a company in Times Square if you can reach the right people. 

Winning a contract will give you a stamp of approval from the Federal, City, State, and County governments. When an entity like that trusts your product, why wouldn’t everyone else? 

Alongside that notoriety, you’ll be able to display government logos on your shop and boxes to show consumers that what you sell is impressive enough for the most significant purchaser in the world.

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Obtaining a government contract guarantees expansion and increased revenue for your small business. It’s a recession-proof business from a consumer that spends billions of dollars. 

Leave it to the experts at GSE to help you bring your firm to the next level of success. Call us at (888)-521-1170 to get the process started.