After you’ve completed a SAM Registration and secured any certifications, it’s time to submit proposals for government contracts. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Like all government interaction, it’s the farthest thing from simple.

The Federal Government is a complicated entity that takes years to master and understand. Winning a contract to sell your business’s products or services to the government can be tricky. Here are five obstacles to obtaining a government contract you need to be on the lookout for.

Five Obstacles to Obtaining a Government Contract

1. Time

Time is money in the business world. Especially in the Federal Government, operations take a vast amount of time that could be utilized elsewhere. 

Throughout the government procurement process, you must be willing to give time. It will probably be the biggest hurdle your business encounters. 

Depending on your experience, it could take weeks to develop your proposal in-house. Never mind the follow-up paperwork, the proper organization, and understanding of government protocol. Our team of proposal writers here at GSE can cut the time it takes for you to respond to requests by managing the process from start to finish.

2. Adhering to Rules & Regulations

Adhering to the long list of rules and regulations that accompany government contracting may leave you gasping for air. 

Government contracts are heavily regulated by numerous federal, state, and local agencies. This is done to ensure uniform practices are being used across all contracts, but the typical government document nearly looks like a different language.

This makes following those rules and regulations difficult for the first time contractor. In 2010, the Plain Writing Act was passed to control the use of extensive language in order to make things simple for people. Yet, even with that act, it still takes a well-trained eye to figure out government document language.

For the average small business owner, all of this fancy tongue will be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why you need proper assistance from trained consultants.  

3. Pricing

Though the U.S. Federal Government spent more than $6.6 trillion in Fiscal 2020, government contractors still feel pricing constraints. Businesses small and large that contract with the government are expected to be more efficient than the average firm. On top of that, they’re expected to deliver the same high-quality service. 

Though they spend big, the Federal Government still tends to award contracts based on the best value. In most cases, that also means the lowest price possible. 

This presents a considerable obstacle for government contractors to become a more efficient business and sell their products/services for a lower price than usual. 

4. Proper Response to Requests

Once you’ve submitted a proposal and drafted a quality capability statement, the process is far from over. 

A thorough review of your proposal will be completed. Clarifications, questions, and requests for additional information may need to be completed. Failure to respond within the required time frames will get your bid rejected immediately. 

Additionally, the Contracting Officer you deal with is allowed to use discretion when it comes to the proposal process. Responding correctly is essential to being awarded a government contract. 

5. Unpredictable Federal Spending

Some claim it is recession-proof; some believe it to be the most irresponsible spending in the world. The U.S. Federal Government’s spending habits are as hard to read as the documents they churn out. 

This year, amid a global pandemic that shocked every industry from toilet paper to post-it notes, the government spent more than it has in its 244-year history. What could be more unexpected than that?

Government Contracting Is Worth It

There are obstacles and hoops to jump through around every corner when it comes to government contracting. However, with assistance from GSE, your business will receive a reliable future.

The Federal Government is as consistent a consumer as a business can find. Small or large, if your company is struggling to find quality customers, government contracting is a quality way to turn it around.