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Get a GSA Schedule Contract

The GSA/MAS Schedule provides a streamlined process for businesses to sell products/services to government consumers. Your business will receive access to billions in federal spending and a reliable, recession-proof form of income. 

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Learn How to Qualify

Get a GSA Schedule Contract

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Call 866-850-1710 to Talk to a GSA Contract Expert

Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM ET

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Learn How to Qualify

Do I qualify for a GSA Schedule?

Any size business can acquire a GSA Schedule Contract to sell to government consumers. Put simply, the GSA Schedule acts like a government-wide Amazon for purchasers.

GSA Schedule contracts guarantee your products, services, or facilities will be sold at a fair price to the government, and in turn, bring your company an indefinite quantity of reliable business.

How GSE Can Help

Whether you’re a well-known company or an up and coming small business, securing a GSA Schedule Contract is challenging.

Our experts at Government Services Exchange are equipped with decades of experience in connecting businesses to GSA/MAS Schedule contracts. Let us handle the dirty work for your company while you watch your business succeed.

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Advantages of Securing a GSA Contract

A GSA schedule makes it easy for the Federal Government to buy from you.

When a business is fully processed, the government can simply go online and purchase your product with a few clicks. This ease of use helps the Government significantly, but it also enables you to plan and prepare for the future.

Here are a few benefits your business will receive by securing a GSA Contract.

  • Access to trillions of dollars of Federal Spending
  • Ability to Sell Your Products or Services to all Government Agencies
  • Improved Sales Process that is both shorter and simplified
  • Less Competition
  • No bidding on the Open Market
  • Recession-proof income


From our Clients:

“We appreciate the expedience and attention to care and the consistency with follow up. Of course, there always many decisions to be made in business, our entire staff is very pleased to say using Government Services Exchange was one of the good decisions we have made.”

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“Just a note to thank Government Services Exchange for a job well done! The team’s expertise and leadership, deserve a bright spotlight! Their excellent guidance for our company, Steel Toad Consulting, is most worthy of attention.”


“GSE offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Everyone one on their staff is very professional, knowledgeable and willing to assist right away. We were not only able to update our current GSA contract, but enhance our opportunities through avenues we were not currently registered for.”

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