NASA Looks to Government Procurement to Improve in Space

With the current Space Station dwindling, Government Contracts will expand future space development.

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CLEARWATER, FL 08/23/2021

Last week, NASA announced it would look to Government procurement to design and build destinations in space that can be utilized for tourism and science-based missions. For private businesses capable of innovative and state-of-the-art engineering services, Government contracts will be awarded to begin a push to build prominent destinations in space. 

The International Space Sation is on its way out, and innovation will be needed to improve future space endeavors. Known as Commercial Low-Earth Orbit Destinations, this project is part of a larger goal to develop a tourism boom that will fund research and development of deep space.

In a detailed article, NASA said, “To meet our long-term research and technology development needs in a cost-effective manner, a robust commercial human spaceflight economy must be established, and new markets must be developed.

Thanks to this unique look on space exploration, private companies showing quality work and an impressive past have the opportunity to win government contracts that will develop space stations for future generations. The Director of Spaceflight added, “our next destination will not be government-built. This will allow us to strictly buy services just like every other Government agency.”

Government Services Exchange is a third-party service provider with decades of experience assisting technical and engineering service firms in being awarded contracts. It can be complicated to complete everything that goes along with Government Contracting in the industry. That’s where we come in. 

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