IT Modernization Receives Another $50 Million for 2022

An increase in funding means more IT Contracts are coming. 

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CLEARWATER, FL 07/08/2021

Last Wednesday, an increase of $50 million in funding for IT Modernization was announced. This will be double the amount of money the IT Industry has received in previous years. In other words, more government contracting opportunities will be available in your field by next year. 

This money will be allocated to numerous agencies in 2022 to fund the push for a more modern approach throughout Federal practices. The committee head said the funding increase was “in support of projects that enable the federal government to enhance its ability to conduct activities electronically.” These days, everything is done through IT capabilities; there is no reason to think that will slow down. 

One of the most essential Government agencies, the GSA (General Services Administration), will see the largest funding increase. According to, $20 million will be added to a working capital fund explicitly for work related to human resources information technology modernization within the GSA. 

The GSA Schedule simplifies the sale of products, services, and facilities to all U.S. Government agencies. With funding heading towards the IT schedule within the GSA, contracts will be more lucrative than ever.

The trouble with Government Contracting is how difficult it can be to begin. At GSE, we pride ourselves on helping deserving businesses take advantage of Government spending such as this IT funding boost. From a SAM registration to securing a GSA Schedule contract, we can assist you every step of the way. 

If your IT company is looking to grow through Federal spending, GSE can help you get there. The IT industry is now one of the largest in the world. There has never been a better time than now to start taking advantage of that. 

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