How the GSA is Helping Historically Black Colleges and Universities

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The General Services Administration (GSA) is one of the most essential Federal Government agencies regarding equity, equality, and economic opportunity for Minority-Owned Businesses

At the top of their to-do list is generating exposure and providing contract opportunities to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). HBCUs were established in the United States thanks to The Higher Education Act of 1965. This act was set in place to provide educational opportunities to people of African descent. As a result, HBCUs became the principal means for providing higher education to Black Americans.

The GSA hopes to create revenue streams that will help strengthen and provide support for institutions that fall under this category. In addition, providing contracts to HBCUs allows them access to more significant resources in order to create an increase in the number of students. 

Ultimately, the GSA’s goal is to increase the number of HBCUs selling supplies and services through the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). As a GSA/MAS Contractor, HBCUs have access to federal, state, and local government contract opportunities and an enormous revenue stream. 

In addition, the GSA has already begun to disperse contracts to HBCUs, which provide information technology services, research, development support, medical services, administrative and management support, education and training, call center services, and data processing services.

If you are part of a Historically Black College and University that helps provide any of these services, Government Services Exchange can help you get connected to available contract opportunities in the GSA/MAS Schedule

Getting on the GSA Schedule is impossible without assistance. Over 400 pages of paperwork, Government language, and lack of communication if something is done incorrectly will have you frustrated and behind schedule.

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