IT Companies Now Qualify for Federal Contracts Regardless of Time in Business

The Startup Springboard initiative gives IT firms a chance to sell to the Government

CLEARWATER, FL 05/21/2021

Recently announced, the Startup Springboard initiative will give Information Technology firms with no business experience a chance to sell to the Federal Government. In most cases, entities must be in business for at least two years to qualify. Thanks to this news, owners of those companies can now use their personal experience to qualify. 

The General Services Administration (GSA) “wants to get the latest technologies to Federal agencies faster.” The IT Springboard gets innovative companies into the Information Technology schedule within the GSA, giving them access to over $15 billion in annual opportunities.

Old qualifications have been tossed away. IT companies can now:

  • Use your owners/executive’s professional experience to substitute for two years of corporate experience.
  • Use high personnel project experience to replace relevant corporate past performance.
  • Provide financial documentation that demonstrates your company’s financial responsibility instead of submitting two years of financial statements.

In the age of digital technology, the demand for IT solutions has grown exponentially. This made the GSA make exceptions to their standard operating procedures. Groups they find innovative and responsible can now gain access to the billions of dollars in spending within the field. 

The overall goal of the Startup Springboard program is to change the way the GSA collects its contractors. Regardless of “business experience,” the program will accommodate the growing need of IT professionals.

Government Services Exchange is a third-party service provider with decades of experience assisting people in getting on the GSA Schedule. While it is now much easier for IT Companies to qualify for the GSA, the headaches that go along with applications persist. That’s where GSE comes in.

We will help you throughout the process, and you will have constant communication with our on-hand experts. To find out what opportunities are available for your business and how GSE can help with processing this announcement, call (866) 850-1710 now.

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