GSA Post-Award Checklist

Securing a GSA Schedule Contract is an impressive accomplishment, but now you need to properly manage your contract to ensure your business’s success in selling to the government. 

Maintaining a GSA Contract

GSA Post award checklist

Remember, a GSA Contract could last as long as twenty years. Reaching that point is dependent on your compliance and completion of the contract. To maintain it, you must implement a successful system that will guarantee quality products and services for government buyers.

GSA Maintenance Checklist

  1. Register your contract with the proper Vendor Support Center
  2. Take the training course available for you
  3. Upload your terms and conditions
  4. Get your E-Buy account set up
  5. Make sure you are trained and well versed with using your GSA E-Buy account
  6. Identify the buyers that will purchase from you and start reaching out (Responsibly)
  7. Get a Government Marketing Plan in place
  8. Educate your sales department or use a company that can help
  9. Ensure your compliances with supplier diversity if applicable.

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