GSA Facts & Benefits

Facts About Contracting with the Government

  • The U.S. Government is the single largest consumer in the world.
  • The federal government signs millions of contracts a year.
  • On average, there are thousands of new government contracting opportunities available each day in all industry categories.
  • Contracts for goods and services account for around 40% of the government’s discretionary spending.
  • To promote growth, the federal government aims to award around a quarter of contracting dollars to small businesses.

GSA Facts

    1. GSA Schedule Contract Holders are more appealing to Federal Purchasers:
      1. Less work, less risk – eliminates many of the open market bidding nuances.
      2. Pricing will be pre-negotiated
      3.  Faster turnaround time
    2. Access:
      1. Successful companies are listed on the GSA Advantage! website which functions like Amazon for Government buyers.
      2. Access to the GSA E-Buy, the exclusive area for bids, and direct orders for GSA Schedule Holders.
      3. Your company will be listed on the GSA E-Library where contracting officers can search for businesses that are GSA compliant.
    3. Credentials:
    • Buyers will know you have been vetted and approved as an elite supplier as the GSA application process is a rigorous process.

GSA Benefits

  • Streamlined acquisition processes
  • No requirement to synopsize
  • Socioeconomic determinations are made at the contract level
  • Small Business set-asides are Subcontracting plans are issued and administered at the contract level.

GSA Priority

FAR 8.002, Priorities for Use of Government Supply Sources:

It is government policy that the contracting officer, before soliciting commercial sources, determines if the required supplies or services are available from a schedule. If so, all contracting officers are encouraged to order from the schedule. This means, GSA/FSS Contract holders have the right of first refusal

Having A GSA Schedule eliminates the public bid process:

This means contracting officers can use schedule contracts to fulfill their agencies’ needs quickly and with little effort. The order placement decision cannot be challenged by disgruntled contractors because they never knew about the order. In other words you are making their work easier!

FSS contractors must accept at least $25,000 in sales during the first two years of the contract and $25,000 or more each year afterward to retain this contract. So growth has to be something you are ready for.

Due to the FSS program’s increase in popularity, each contractor should determine whether its supplies and services are bought under a schedule and, if so, decide whether it should pursue its own contract under the appropriate schedule. Using our firm eliminates the guess work.