Everything you Need to Know About the GSA Startup Springboard

Getting a GSA Schedule

Interested in Government Contracting?

The Startup Springboard promises to simplify the bid submission and procurement processes for smaller businesses. The program is dedicated to allowing businesses who do not meet the typical requirements of the GSA/MAS Schedule the opportunity to get on with looser regulations.

With the growth of Startup Springboard, businesses from all MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) sectors may now participate in the initiative and more quickly get their goods and services into the palms of municipal, state, and federal governments.

What are the Benefits of the GSA Startup Springboard?

  • You can replace the two years of company experience with the experience you have as an executive and key expert.
  • Project experience from key employees might be used in place of suitable project experience.
  • Instead of producing two years’ worth of financial documents, offer financial evidence that shows your organization is financially responsible.

What are the Requirements for the GSA Startup Springboard?

  • Bidders must submit financial records proving their financial accountability if they have fewer than two (2) years of business experience. Upon presentation, the contracting officer can ask for more information if there are no financial statements.
  • In order to prove their capacity to run a business and deliver the goods and services listed in the Schedule, bidders with less than two (2) years of company expertise must also submit additional information, such as details on the expert project and management knowledge of the company’s primary top management.

Getting a GSA Schedule Utilizing the Startup Springboard

You must still prove your capacity to operate a business of the scale and magnitude you present to GSA through the Startup Springboard program. Although two years’ worth of financials is not required, you must still demonstrate previous production, referrals, pricing, and invoicing.

The Startup Springboard not only removes the two-year business barrier but also offers you to draw on the expertise of your firm’s leaders. You will still be responsible for responding to the following:

  • Evidence of your financial accountability in the form of financial records.
  • The number of personnel, the level of expertise in the industry, and the resources available to meet needs.
  • Activities or histories from the past that contributed to the development of skills and capacities.
  • Controls over bookkeeping and the management structure.
  • Current internal resources or the capacity to hire the suggested categories of workers or goods.
  • Public sector marketing plan.
  • Using subcontractors as intended.

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